Sunday, February 27, 2011

LadyBug cakes

I found a wanted ad on Craiglist and offered to make a cake for her daughter's birthday. My niece found out and wanted a ladybug cake too.... So I got a practice run for the ladybug cake.

Attempt 2
Attempt 1

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bridal Shower cake

White cake with strawberry buttercream filling which included fresh strawberries. Colors were sage, cream, and she requested a cranberry colored S. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

My niece's birthday cake

Buttercream frosting with fondant accents. 

Omi Zoomi

I actually mailed this one to Indiana and it made it in one piece. She was able to lay it across a sheet cake she had purchased. It turned out adorable.

My Olivia's Birthda

Baby Smash cake with a gumpaste crown. 
 Although the crown broke down and you can see two cracks, I have since fixed this problem with other crowns. :)
Mom wanted princess cupcakes, but felt that boys couldn't eat pink cupcakes! So we went with blue as well. 

Baby Shower Cake

Red Velvet with cream cheese buttercream frosting. Covered with fondant

Baby Smash Cake

My Birthday cake

Strawberry buttercream filling
I wanted to do something for me, only problem is I walked away from my bow to pick up a kid from their activity and came back to dried out fondant strips. Well the outcome is when you go to fold them they crack, but it was my cake so I didn't care. Anyone else I would have thrown the loops away and started over. 

Adult Novelty cakes (18 and over ONLY)


Older Cakes, before I got better with fondant

This was for Katelyn's birthday
My little Rhett's cake
Princess Castle cake

Horse cake I made for someone's nephew