Friday, June 24, 2011

Prices and Deposit policy

First of all thanks for checking out my blog and viewing my cakes. I have recently set my prices because at one point when food prices went up I did not calculate in that increase including an almost $5 increase in fondant prices. I recently made a cute cake that I added up all my products I had used to make it and I ended up only making about $10 for roughly 7 hours of work. That is only a dollar and some change an hour, granted it is out of my home but I feel that it is not fair for me walk away with that small of a pay for my time, which after delivery probably was a wash. Please understand when viewing my prices I am not here to "price gouge" but to be fair to myself. I also have been comparing my prices to some of the bakeries and other cake decorators online with similar experience I am still below many of their asking prices.

Small Breakdown
Board to support cake~ $3 to $15
Boxes for delivery~ $5 to $10
Cupcake wrappers and cake pops wrappers and sticks~ $2 to $15
Cake products~ small cakes it cost me about $25, larger cakes can cost me up to $60 in ingredients I recently did two large cakes and it was over $120 in products.

I am also starting to request a deposit on larger cakes, imagine being in my position: I buy the products and take the time to make the cake... then suddenly you decide you didn't want the cake. I am out a minimum of $40 and my time.

Thank you for your understanding!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Edible Printer

I have made these cute print outs lately after I purchased an edible printer. If you wanted something that needed to be printed on your cake or cupcakes I have the capability. Company Logo, Names, Dates, Pictures, Important sayings, events... etc.

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Birthday Cakes


Zebra Striped cake

 The young girl this was for was intended to have black and white party, but with something different after she called me with the details. But it all worked out, I guess I did a perfect blend so it matched what else she picked out for her party. :) When I walked in the door to deliver it, she screeched out, "I love you, thanks" I love those types of reactions.

Graduation cake